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Blake Group LLC/Blake Systems USA - Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, is simply stated Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. It essentially means that applications are actually accomplished through the use of many computers that exist online, rather than on your local computer or web server.

Cloud computing should be thought of simply as a new client-server mechanism, one that will open up resources from multiple internet-connected devices, with lower barriers for entry. Suddenly web developers have access to hosted applications and data, along with cloud-based development services, enabling them to create web applications that have access to data and services like never before.

Clouds provide request-driven, dynamic allocation of computing resources for a mix of workloads on a massively scalable, heterogeneous and virtualized infrastructure.

Blake Group LLC/Blake Systems USA we concentrate fully on bringing value and optimal results in four distinct areas of Cloud Computing web base systems:

  • Significantly reduce time to introduce technologies and innovations to our customer partners
  • Cost savings in labor for designing procuring and building hardware and software platforms
  • Cost savings by avoiding human error of security, networks and the software provisioning process
  • Cost elimination through greater us and reuse of existing resources, resulting in better efficiency.

We understand Cloud Computing is the next generation of internet computing and data centers, therefore keeping on the cutting edge of technology Blake Group LLC/Blake Systems USA will to deliver highly interpreted platforms to enhance our customer partners business models.